New York City, Monday


Monday morning I headed up towards the north end of Central Park. I took a peek inside "Tom's Restaurant". You may recognize this spot as “Monk’s” from "Seinfeld" but it was also Suzanne Vega's inspiration for the song "Tom's Diner".

There were food carts of all kinds all over town. I drank a lot of water since I was sweating all over Manhattan in the 90º weather!

I took a bus to the United Nations Headquarters.  Did you know the U.N. headquarters building is not in New York? It's not even in the United States. The headquarters is in an independent territory with its own police and fire department. The General Assembly was under construction, but we got to see the Security Council meeting room.

I took the subway home and freshened up before I went to the East Village for dinner.
I enjoyed sitting in the window and watch people walk by Noá where I had a burrito and some wine.

If you thought Times Square was disorienting during the day, just try it at night after three glasses of wine! There were even more people in Times Square at night!

Central Park, United Nations, East Village and Times Square at Night