Sayulita to Puerto Vallarta

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On Sunday, March 8th, Perry, Keenan, Wes, Brendon and I had brunch at Choco Banana in downtown Sayulita before driving in to Puerto Vallarta. We spent some time on the beach before Keenan and Perry went to the grocery store and the airport to pick-up Benjimen. I spent a bit of time on my own and went to the roof top bar of the Blue Chairs Resort before heading to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I took a taxi to the airport and met with Perry, Keenan and Mark who had just picked-up Benjimen. When we arrive back at Casa Agave in Sayulita, we all realized that Wes had the keys to the villa so we couldn’t get in. Mark, Michael and Rhodes came home after having dinner in Sayulita because they were also locked out. Mark drove back to Puerto Vallarta to pick-up Wes and Brandon and Rhodes broke in and let everyone inside.