Privatized Liquor Goes On Sale


First stop was Safeway on 15th and liquor went on sale at 6:00AM on Friday, June 1st. They had a pretty good selection and I got a bottle of Crater Lake vodka. QFC at the Harvard Market misinformed me twice on the phone that they would be selling liquor at 6:00AM when, in fact, they wouldn’t until 10:00. I stopped by the “liquor nook” in the QFC at the Broadway Market right when they opened at 10:00AM and they actually had quite a variety of items but no triple sec. Next I headed back up to 15th to visit Walgreens and QFC. I hiked uphill to the Central Co-Op which applied for a liquor license but was not stocking anything today. Trader Joe’s seemed to have a limited selection but pretty good prices. The last spot on Capitol Hill open today was the old state liquor store on 12th and Pine, now called Northwest Liquor & Wine. They had a huge selection and, without taxes yet, really great prices. I stopped at Bimbo’s for some lunch before heading home. After my morning of shopping I went to dinner at La Bête and wandered up Olive Way to get home.