The Alaska Way Viaduct is completely empty on Saturday, January 26th.


My photo albumsfrom 2019:

Pictures from January


New Year’s Day

January 1st

Bacon Strip

January 5th

Tukwila Gay Mix Social

January 10th

Paper Moon

January 26th

Pictures from February


New SR 99 Tunnel

February 2nd

Academy Awards

February 24th

Mean Gays

February 27th

Pictures from March


Bacon Strip

March 2nd

America at Tulalip

March 8th

Captain Marvel

March 13th

Ms. Pak-Man

March 16th?

Pictures from April


Bacon Strip

April 6th

Family Visit

April 10th - 14th

Pastor Kaleb?

April 21st?

Elk Temple Opening?

April 26th?


Pictures from 2019

Dine Out For Life?

April 25th?

Kentucky Derby?

May 4th?

Cinco de Mayo?

May 5th?

Tom Odell?

May 12th?

Shitt’s Creek?

May 25th?

The Empire Strikes Back?

June 27th?

Men at Sea?

June 29th?


June 30th?

Independence Day?

July 4th?

B-52s & OMD?

August 7th?


Trailer Park Drag Strip?

August 8th?

Iceland & Finland?


Tequila Fest?

September 28th?

Doug’s Birthday?

November 24th?

Star Wars: Episode IX?

December 19th?

Christmas Eve?

December 24th?

New Year’s Eve?

December 31st?